FitnessBOX is a fast paced 45 minute workout session. We use boxing, kickboxing and MMA techniques but concentrate on fitness and strength. Heaps of pad and bag hitting. The best way to hit without any chance of getting hit back.

45minute sessions


Monday - 9.30am 

Wednesday - 9.30am

Friday - 9.30am

Saturday - 8:30am


P.T. Personal training sessions can be arranged with one of our top coaches. For honing skills, competition work or fitness. We suggest 30 minute PT sessions at a great price of $50



Class Times


Monday - 9.30am

Wednesday - 9.30am

Friday - 9.30am

Saturday - 8.30am



2/5 Simcock St Somerville, Vic, Aust, 3912

Tel: 03 5977 7055

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